Silkie is still sick!


5 Years
Apr 29, 2014
I posted about a week ago when we lost one of our pullets to bronchitis. After losing her we discovered we had 3 other sick birds. After giving injections of Tylan 50 for 5 days we also gave them Safeguard and Corid. Two of the three birds seem to be almost back to normal. The third bird, my silkie pullet seems to be worse. She is still eating and drinking on her own. However, she's all puffed up and barely moves. Her breathing is very heavy and she also has what looks like foamy droppings stuck on her feathers under her vent. Since she has already had Tylan, Safeguard, and Corid, I'm not sure what else I can do. Are there any other illnesses she could have? She's been off all medications since Wednesday the 24th. She's probably my favorite out of all the chickens and I would be devastated if I lost her.
I'm so sorry that you are going through this.... I'm also going through some of the same. It breaks my heart. I'm following this thread and please know I'm rooting for your little silkie to pull through this with flying colors.
Thank you Acefit411! I hope any issues you have with your flock become resolved as well!

Also, thanks Suzie. I will continue to give her the Corid. Is there any way to give her powder Corid without having to mix it into the water? I know she is drinking but I'm not sure how much.

I will also add that my little Silkie was being repeatedly raped by my easter egger rooster who is 4 times her size. He's a big boy and over a month older then her. His hormones have kicked in and for some reason he will mount her any chance he gets. She just lays there making horrible noises and it scares her so bad she doesn't even try to run away. I'm worried this is making her worse. She is now separated from him. It seems like I have a really big mess on my hands between sick chickens and an overly hormonal rooster...
You can give her corid in a needle less syringe if you have can then gauge the dosage and ensure she is getting enough..
We took Smudge (our little Silkie) to the vet today. She 100% has Infectious Bronchitis. She does not have Cocci or Worms. The vet was happy we brought her today. He tried to give her fluids orally but she was too weak and fell over, so she was given fluids through an IV. We also have an antibiotic that she gets twice a day for 14 days. She is currently separated from the others in a baby playpen inside a spare room. This way we can keep a better eye on her and ensure that she stays warm. The doctor said she needs to be treated like a baby right now. She's getting lots of cuddles! He was relieved to know that she is still eating and drinking on her own. She too weak to handle being fed through a tube. We aren't out of the woods yet. He thinks she could make a full recovery, but she also has a chance of not surviving because she has little strength. Fingers crossed that this little girl has some fight left in her!

Photo of Smudge before she was sick!
So sorry she is so least you now know what the problem is and she has a fighting chance to recover with the Vet care and your loving care for her....

Fingers crossed that she will fully recover...she is one very beautiful Silkie...

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