silkie jumps up in coop until she lays and egg. is this normal?


8 Years
Nov 3, 2011
I have a silkie who goes into the coop and will pace back and forth but she will go to the wall and face it then jump up as high as she can almost hitting the ceiling each time for usually about two or three hours until she lays her egg.
Is the jumping up normal for a chicken when their laying eggs?
She does this every time.
Ive been so focused on another silkie who is now finally eatting that Ive not paid much attention to my other birds and just heard her jumping in the coop so wanted to ask.
Ive trimmed their wings so they cant fly.
Yes, there is 3 hen boxes in there for her but she always lays either in the main coop area or out on the ground in the runner area sometimes. But she will always go into the coop and jump up and down and pace for about an hour or two before she finally lays her egg.
Its really odd and I should record it sometime.
I have an easter egger that did the same thing. She did it for a few months when she started laying, but she no longer does it.

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