silkie problems


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Aug 30, 2013
I have several baby silkies. some r 2wks and some r just a wk. I have lost 3 silkies 1older one and 2 little ones.they r fine during the day. the last one I lost was within 2 hours of putting them up for the night.they r inside the closed in insulated garage. temp run around 89 to 92. seem fine when I turn the big lights out.
How many chicks are in the group? Is there any possibility that they are piling up in a corner and some chicks are getting squished/suffocated/over heated?
there were 14 and now we have 11 and that is possible ,they r healthy during the day eyes r bright ,eating ,drinking ,the last one we lost was within 2 hours of them going to bed and it was one that is only 1wk old. My first mistake was getting to many at one time. what bedding is best for silkies as they r a lot more fragile than my buffs.any advice would be appreciated.
Have they been eating well? Silkies are rather small, and normal-sized chick crumbes could be to large for them. Have you seen them drinking? It sometimes takes chicks a while to find the water, though I don't think that this is as likely, as if they weren't drinking, they would have died sooner.

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