Silkie Pullet


8 Years
Apr 13, 2011
The Carolinas
Looking for a silkie pullet in porcelain or blue.... (considering other colors as well).

Won't need her until February (Valentine's Day gift to me from my boyfriend! LOL).

Hoping for a fluffy girl with a good personality, as she'll be a pet only.
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i have a pq hen (chick) I dont like her wings. her mom has been best of breed in 4 of 5 shows she was shown in last yr. and im disappointed to have the only chick i have gotten out of her so far to have wing problems. she is about 1 -1/2 mos now. asking $30 for her. shes blue, her wings are her only downfall
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I can tell by the size of the comb, size of her vs. the other 2 that are roos, and the nosies she makes when I pick her up. She swacks in a high pitch and the roo chicks make a lower more manly swack sound. If your interested and pay for her, and closer to the time you want her I change my mind about the sex I would of course refund you. Im about 80% sure its a hen
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