silkie question!


10 Years
Apr 23, 2009
Central Virginia
I only have one silkie at this point in time... I have heard so many mixed things about silkies, that I just wanted to hear what others had to say before I considered more...

Ours is a mixed color, and just laid her first egg at around 8 months of age... When we bought her at a chicken swap, the man said she was about 8 weeks old... she was just about an inch or two shorter than she is now and she was fully "feathered" out...

She finally laid her first egg on Monday. We bought her in April.

Is that weird for a silkie or normal? I am more used to large egg laying breeds, so 32 weeks before laying seems like a lot! I was doubting if she was a hen or not!

this particular silkie is not friendly to chickens or people and is not too intelligent (runs straight into fence on a daily basis and won't follow the other chickens back into the run from free ranging, must be herded inside)! i would love more silkies but not too many more like this one!
All in all they have a great personality, but I have seen some that were standoffish... Also it sounds like she was an older pullet when you got her and she may not have been handled much as a chick.
We love them to hold and pet. I had one that even when she was broody she would not peck me or growl and there was another girl adding to her eggs daily to a point that I had to move her nest and all. She did great... Just depends on individual personality I guess just like any other animal. I had an Ancona girl, they are supposed to be very standoffish and flighty... Well she loved us and would ony give a short chase, then once caught would relax in our arms. She was totally opposite of what they are supposed to be like.

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