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Aug 1, 2011
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I bought 2 silkies(both roos) on a whim(bad...i know) that were in poor conditon on June 26th...supposedly 6 weeks old.One has great coloring(black) with heavy foot feathering,all toes,and "walnut comb"(hope thats right wording). The other one is grey/blue...comb seems big question is about the comb and if I can expect the head feathering to come in better? I kinda want to get some nice hens but I feel this one roo will be a bad one to use for breeding...maybe both if my others feathering on the head(same as this one now) doesnt get better. What does everyone else think?I am new to Silkie land!


At 6 weeks(june26th)



I would wait. Neither are old enough yet to know what they might blossom in to. Feet and combs are easy to fix when paired properly but if they are lacking in type or wing set, that will be a much bigger challenge to address.

And the one is not black, it looks blue. The other is probably splash.
Those are pics of the same boy...I did not post a pic of my black roo because other than his head feathers being scarce like this ones he seems excellent type...Thanks and looks like I get to play the waiting game...I am just unsure if there is more development to wait on or if they were at an age where they are done!!


here is my black one...his comb looks more like I see on others and he is shorter and rounder...both just started crowing so I am pretty sure they are both roos.

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