Silkie Roo?


5 Years
Mar 21, 2015
North Liberty, IA
I got 3 bantam silkies as straight run from Tractor Supply. I'm thinking our biggest one is a Roo...we've had them for 5 weeks, and he was probably 2 weeks when we got him, so looking about 7 weeks. I'm about to be out of town for a few weeks and if he's a Roo I want to get rid of him before I leave because I'd hate for him to start crowing while I was gone. This is the best profile picture of him I have. I'm most concerned about the wattles coming in, the other two (not pictured) don't have them. His crop is also much bigger than the other two (basically non present on them). Thoughts?

20200523_113429 (1).jpg


Comparison of one of the other from the same run

Closer profile and side-by-side of one of the others. Their size is so different that I almost wonder if they're different breeds?
He's much bigger than the other two silkies who have the more typical fluffy head. I have wondered if he truly is a silkie. But sounds like it's from the line that TSC sells. Are there other breeds, or just crosses, with the fluffy feathers?
He is definitely a silkie. My little hen looks identical. They are the only fluffy soft breed. Frizzles have curly feathers.
My TSC silkie too looks just like him, but with big shiny blue patches by his wattles. He's just starting to get his streamers now, but the first sign I had that he was a roo was his larger size, followed by larger comb than my hen. FWIW- mine is about 14weeks and hasn't started crowing yet. He's in with a mixed flock and while he doesn't get picked on, he's definitely not top bird, so YMMV, but I don't think it's a given that he'll start crowing any time soon.

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