Silkie sexing and questions

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7 Years
Jun 14, 2016
I tired to post this to Silkie thread, I have two silkies, that are approximately 14 weeks old. Not really sure on age. They still peep a lot. The white one did get a little red on the head, but changed to burgundy and now is black. They are both just finally filling out the crown of their heads. I seems to actually affect their vision as I talk to them the turn their heads a lot now to see me. The blue(brown one) nothing has really changed. They both stand very low not big standers.

Salt (white) and Pepper (blue)

Pepper and Salt



Also, they sleep on top of each other, on second level of coop in corner. Should I give them a container to sleep in with bedding? They also don't appear to perch. Should I try to create a perch that is maybe two inches off the second level? All my other pellets of different breeds are perching now and are a lot older than these two. Do you create a different box to lay eggs at a low level? If my two are pellet and rooster, could they be related, even though they are different colors? purchased from local farm. Might create separate coop if they are pellet and rooster. Hoping they are both pellets. Long time ago my first chickens I had lasted 12 years, what is the normal life span of a silkie. Just curious and my other breeds would like to know as well. I have a australop, ee, and part leghorn.

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