Silkie: sick or broody?

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6 Years
May 28, 2013
My silkie, who we originally thought was a boy, was the first to start laying. She's been at it for about 2 weeks, 1 egg per day, joined by 1 other hen also once a day. One large mutt we thought was a hen, since started crowing and aggressively breeding, mainly her. My silkie has always been kind of a fragile chicken. Timid, nerdy, last to do everything. I was very concerned about her when the large roo started being rough with her, but I didn't really have a way to keep them separated. Now my silkie has been just sitting in the nest box for 2 days, found 2 eggs under her yesterday morning, I removed them, but she wouldn't budge. I originally thought she might not be feeling well b/c of roos roughness with her, but I'm not sure if it's broody behavior. She doesn't act aggressive, no vocalizations (but she never has much), seems to be eating and drinking ok. Ideas? I've since done my best to keep the boys separated. She's just sitting there kinda drooping. Do I need to do anything or feed her something else?? She's just getting layers crumbles and free ranging some before this started. Please help...I really like her.
She may very we be going broody. I would recommend checking her back/sides to see if she has been gashed by the roosters toe nails. Such wounds frequently become maggot infested. Large aggressive roosters breeding smaller hens can cause serious injuries. Is it necessary to keep this rooster. You mention keeping the 'boys' as in more than one. Multiple roosters gang breeding hens frequently results in injuries.
I found one of the big boys a home today...the one that was causing all the ruckus. Thinking things would get better. Tonight the other big one we weren't sure was a rooster started trying to breed a different hen. Guess I need to find him a home now! I hate I'm having to get rid of all my nice chickens. They are super sweet to us just not too gentle with the hens. Oh well! Such is life!
Oh and I was able to get my silkie to come out and play a little this afternoon, but she was back in the nest box this evening! Thanks for the advice!

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