Silkie sitting on imaginary eggs - now I've put a day old chick under her


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May 19, 2015
Brisbane, Australia
Hello,I'm new here and found this site while looking for help about a broody pet chicken I have. I hope someone can offer some advice.
My silkie started getting broody and sitting on imaginary eggs. I tried to get her out of the broodiness but it didn't work. 2wks later, and she is still broody. I finally gave in and bought a 3day old chick to put under her at the advise of the poultry store staff member. My silkie is sitting nicely on the chick in her nesting box.

My questions are:
1. when will the silkie take the chick out to eat/drink.
2. Should I get the silkie out at least twice/day so that I can feed the chick for now? The chick is 3 days old.
3. what if the silkie rejects the chick... what should I do...?
4. Should I seperate the silkie with chick from another bantam breed? I only have the 2 chickens. If yes, for how long?

You can tell I'm only new to this chicken cares & would appreciate all the advice you can give. thanks in advace! :)

Congrats on the new addition! Silkies are fantastic mothers and I expect she will take to the chick right away. However, just in case, you may want to set up a brooder for the little one in case she rejects it. It's not likely, but it's always good to have a backup plan. If she does reject it, you'll want to get it another chick to keep it company. Since you just put it under her, she might not get up and show it how to eat and drink right away, since in her mind it is newly hatched and doesn't need to yet. I would put chick feed and some water right in front of her in chick safe containers so the little one can pop out from under her to eat and drink until she starts taking it around. Since your other chicken is a bantam, it's fairly safe to say that your silkie will be able to protect her chick from her. Silkies are fierce little mothers and she will likely attack the other chicken if it tries to hurt her chick. However, if you see that she is not protecting her chick and the other chicken is trying to harm it, at that point I would separate the mother and her chick from your other chicken.
Good advice from Pyxis. My friend has 2 serama house chickens. They go broody on invisible eggs from time to time. But they also leave the nest to eat, drink, wander around her house and watch tv. They aren't totally involved like a good broody should be. If your silkie tucked the chick under her, that generally means she accepted it. Good luck.
Thanks so much, Pyxis & Drumstick Diva. I'm really nervous about the whole chick thing. I really did take a risk getting a chick under her. I heard that putting an empty egg shell would make her think that she hatched it! But looks like she's sitting on it ok and I won't need to do that. I hope she will be a loving and protective mother.

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