Silkie to cull or not to cull...


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Mar 15, 2018
I am so sorry I am new to this guess I posted a question in the introduction page and was quickly told that's not the place to do that. Hopefully I am in the right place this time. My question was I hatched some eggs from a breeder and one of my cuckoo's came out a pure white. I don't think its albino it has no pink eyes and the skin isn't a real pale black its more a medium color black. Is this a defective genes and something I need to cull, or is this a rarity and something I need to keep. I plan on learning more which is why I joined and attempt my own breeding and color project. image1.jpeg hannah 1.jpeg
Is it healthy? That should be a big consideration in culling. It is not an albino. How a white bird came from cuckoo parents is a mystery, but stranger things have happened and there is always the possibility that a mix up occurred. This bird is not show quality or even breeder quality but if it's healthy it would make a great pet.

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