Silkie was broody, now is sick.


10 Years
Jun 10, 2009
I am going to give you the history of this silkie first as it may help. She got sick back in September and I separated her out. I did not know why she was acting down. There was no clear symptoms that matched anything but I worked on her and she recovered. Then, she got mites. She was ONLY one that got them. I cleaned her and the coop. I got rid of them. In January, she went broody and I gave her a bath to break her of it. While it did work, she has not resumed laying. I thought it was due to the weather and that she was taking a break. Now, the last few days she has been acting sickly. Today, I found her laying on the ground, almost like she was dust bathing. I picked her up and she has lost weight. She has always been smaller than the others but it is like she has dropped a lot of weight in the last few days, real quick. She wants to lay towards one side, doesn't matter which one. There is no discharge, sneezing, or congestion. She does have a poopy butt.

I do not know what it could be. As you can see, she has had issue after issue. I wonder if it could be an internal issue such as internal laying since she has not laid and if her immune system has been down that would be a reason for her getting mites and the others not like hers.

I am not sure what to do for her. Please help me with this. I have another that had been broody and quit herself and she has not resumed laying either. Since both didn't lay I figured it was weather or getting over broodiness. But now I am worried about my other hen. Is this common? She has not showed any signs of problems and have not had any before.
maybe give her some pro biotic to help with her gut. I use pro bios it works wonderfully on poppy but and adds good bacteria to the gut. then give some B vitamins to see if that helps perk her up. without other symptoms its really hard to say what's wrong. I had something strange with my silkie too. she has been off her lay for awhile and this morning I found her breathing really heavy mouth open kinda laying on her side she wouldn't eat or drink. well I let her be for about 10 minutes and she passed an egg. she must have been having a difficult time. thank God she was totally normal after that. maybe its something like that with your silkie too. maybe feel and see if she's egg bound. or having a hard time passing an egg like mine was. its really hard to put your finger on the problem when her symptoms are not clear. I'd try the probotic and defiantly try the vitamin. you could try a broad spectrum antibiotic and see if that helps what's wrong with her if she were mine I might do this. I hope she feels better soon! good luck.
I did give her an antibiotic. Sorry, I forgot to mention. I just can't see any other symptoms. I had thought she was egg bound at one point after she was broody and I put her under a heat lamp and she passed an egg. So I didn't know if it was by chance or if that fixed it. Now though it is just like she is weak and sick. there really isn't any symptoms just like the time before when she started to act sick. That is why I am struggling with what to do for her. There is nothing to go on. I am going to try everything I can think of. I suppose it is better than nothing at this point. Thank you for the ideas. I will definitely add vitamin B and probiotics.

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