Silkie With Eye Issue, Need More Help


10 Years
May 3, 2009
Elizabethtown, KY
We got this beautiful baby about a month ago and from day one had a runny left eye(just the left)...First we thought it was the stress of the move, gave a little time, no change...Tried Vitamins, yogurt, applesauce and Oxytetracycline in her water, nothing has really done much good...Oh, we also changed the bedding from wood chips to the softer, 'dust-free' bunny bedding which has reduced the dust level to almost nothing, still no change...Any other thoughts?!?!...

Thanx to all that offered the previous options, they just haven't got it done...
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sounds respiratory, use apple cider vinegar to her water- just enough till it is a little brown in color. Roast up some garlic and cook up some brown rice and mix together. Garlic has healing and deworming properties great for viruses. for a cup of cooked brown rice i woulk mix in 1 head of mashed garlic feed for 3 days while adding the vinegar to her water and see how she does. Keep her warm and if she has no buddies to be with use a feather duster at nite.
It could also be allergy or blocked tear ducts. I have a boy who has had weepy eyes since he was a few days old. He is now about 6 years old, and has never passed it on to any other bird, it gets worse at times and better at others, but never completely clears up.

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