Silkie x EE Eggs! TEST EGGS

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    Sep 27, 2010
    My EE pullet just started laying a few days ago. We had seen the white silkie mating with her very often, and then she started laying. The first day she laid two eggs, and the next day and today she laid one each day. All four are in the incubator and have veins or are starting to (the last egg has that beginning spot of blood right now). The picture is of the two she laid that first day.
    These are test eggs. Please don't click buy it now, just send a PM over telling me how many you want, though I don't think I can send that many right now. BUT we are looking at buying more adult EE hens within a month, so that problem will soon be fixed!
    Pictures below are of Muffy (hen) and Suki (silkie roo).

    Note: the picture is a little dark, the eggs are actually a light pastel blue. [​IMG]
    Also, just a little warning: She is also running with an OEGB rooster, but for the life of him he hasn't been able to mate her because he is too small (hen is a standard) or the silkie attacks him when he tries, but that doesn't mean it couldn't happen.
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    [​IMG] PM'd YA!!!
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    OMG THOSE ARE GORGEOUS! I wish my mom would let me at my new incubator! Ooohhhhh, I want Christmas to come faster!
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    Dern I wish I had a bator!!

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