silkie X RIR and other incubation questions.


11 Years
Feb 16, 2008
Halifax Co Virginia
I candled my eggs last night (on day 11) and I was not really able to see too much. Before I took my "business" eggs and candled them, I practiced on fridge eggs-this is my first time. I am trying to hatch out some green a brown and a silkie egg. When I was practicing the candling, the eggs were beautiful! Especially my brown silkie eggs, which glowed while it was all lit up! I was even able to see into my green egg that was in the fridge. However, when I tried to candle my eggs that are setting, they were dark. I did the exact same things, but I was not able to see so well. All I could really see int he silkie egg was a dark mass, the brown egg was dark-ish, and the green were, too. Can some one offer an explanation? Are my eggs done for?

If not, here's another crazy question. My silkie egg was fertilized by a rhode island red. (I feel like a moron asking this.) Can this tiny egg hatch out? Can it sustain a half breed heavy?

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