Silkied Ameraucana Project


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Jan 21, 2010
Silkied Ameraucana are not crossed with the Silkie breed. They are pure Ameraucana with silkied feathers. Silkied is a feather type.

This link below is to the original thread that was started for these birds. That thread was started 10-20-2008 when the 1st pair was 18 weeks old.

It's a long thread that takes a very long time to go thru to find the info between the chat and all that is in it but it's the best thing to do if you want to know the story from the start. I am starting this new thread in hopes that we can stick to the Silkied Ameraucana project and not attract posts about birds totally unrelated to the project. The title on the original thread isn't specific to what has become a project several are working on now.

Silkied x Silkied = all silkied
Silkied x Split to silkied = split & or silkied
Silkied x non silkied non split = all split
Split x Split = can result in silkied, split and non silkied non split. You can't visually tell the difference between a split and a non split. Test breeding is the only way.

Splash pullet

Splash cockerel

Black pullet

Blue hen

Blue rooster

Blue hen

Blue hen

Splash hen
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Thanks for the pictures and new thread. Hopping on

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