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    I've been meaning to create this page for an extended period of time, and had a chance to do so today.

    Click HERE to read the answers to 20 of the most common Silkie questions.

    If there is a question that you have that is not addressed on this page, please post it below.
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    Apr 15, 2009
    How interesting! Good idea.
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    Thanks for the info. I have one white Silkie. I was hoping it would be a hen but has turned out to be a rooster. He is trying to breed with all of my Standard chickens. Is this possible and would it result in crosses???
  4. Poulets De Cajun

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    Quote:The odds are against it, but if he can make contact, its possible. The offspring probably wont look much like a Silkie, although they'll in fact be crosses. Of course you'll have to incubate them before you'd see any results.
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    My Sizzle roo is smaller than my Silkie cockeral, and I have several, Sizzled Delawares (and they're huge hens) running around in the brooder pen. So yes, it's quite possible.
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    Thank you for compiling this information in a central place on the forum. ~G
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    I have a question. You said use baby powder... is that for their whole body or just their feet?

    How do you keep their feet clean??

    Mine have all sorts of nasty dirt/poo clumps in them from digging around and sleeping in their (liquid) poo on the coop floor, even though I clean it and there are shavings.
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    Quote:We generally use baby powder around the vent area only when they are put into show cages. The baby powder tends to prevent droppings from sticking to the feathers near the vent area. We have sprinkled it on their feet before as well.

    The only tried and true method to keep their feet clean, is to keep them on shavings. Even on shavings you have to be diligent about removing the droppings on a regular basis; daily or every two days for a small coop, and at least weekly to bi-weekly for a large coop.
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    not trying to start a fight, or anything like it but I don't think this is right
    Q. What colors do I cross to make a certain color?

    A. NONE! No two colors of Silkies should ever be crossed, with the exception of black, blue, or splash. These three colors are the only varieties that can be interbred and successfully produce the same offspring genetically. By crossing any other colors, you are contaminating your genetic lines and the resulting offspring will either NOT be colored the same as the parents, and/or will not reproduce other offspring with expected results.

    for breeders who enyjoy working with new colors, you have to cross. I get what you are saying, if you want nice blue birds you have no need for a red. But if your wanting a strange color, or planed new colors or pattern crosses will need to be made.

    but I think a lot of people will find the page very usefull.​
  10. Poulets De Cajun

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    Quote:As I stated in the paragraph preceeding the Q&A section, its my interpretation based on my experience and knowledge. It is my opinion that absolutely NO two colors of Silkies (other than BBS) should be crossed without advanced knowledge of genetics, and a strategic breeding plan, especially if you intend to sell the offspring.

    Furthermore, you cannot cross two colors to 'make' another color. It is often asked if you can make a gray or splash by crossing a white bird and a black bird. The answer to that is technically yes, however the chances of that happening are so minutely small that it isn't worth the effort. In addition should you get a splash bird from crossing two colors, the likelihood that the particular bird will produce an offspring that is the same as itself is pretty much non-existent.
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