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    Ive been looking to get my Silkies some gamebird feed. Ive heard its higher in protein and nutrients, etc. and helps their plumage look its best.

    My local stores dont carry the Purina Gamebird Layena, so thats out.

    I do have a local agway that carries Nutrena brands.

    I also have a local Tractor Supply.

    Where do you get your gamebird feed?
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    I have a family owned feed store here locally who special orders it just for me. Perhaps you could ask your local stores if this is an option? I understand that when they place their feed orders, it doesn't matter WHAT feeds are ordered, just as long as the entire order they have delivered meets their ton requirement. It was no problem for them to just add on a couple bags of game feed for me every couple of weeks. It might be worth asking -- that way you can avoid paying any extra shipping charges, like you would if you bought it online.
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  3. SundownWaterfowl

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    Thanks. I went to my local agway and they carry Nutrena. Nurtrena makes Gamebird Breeder Feed, so I asked them to order 2 bags. 1 bag crumbles and 1 bag pellets. They said they will call if they cant order it, or when they come in (sometime this week).
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    Be cautious not to give them too much, too quickly. A change in protein (for any bird, not just silkies) should be done gradually. If you feed them too much, they may eat too much protein too quickly and that can lead to things like water belly. Not a good thing. Easy does it. [​IMG]
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