Silkies Are Hatching


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9 Years
May 23, 2010
Hello Everyone,

Two days ago we had five silkies hatch out 3 partridge, 1 blue and a white/buff. We still have 6 eggs under Moms yes that's right two mom silkies sharing the duty. Yesterday I candeled to see how the remainders were doing and 1 I was pretty sure was gone. 1 I couldn't see, but 4 were kicking. Earlier today I went to check on everyone and one of the eggs is peeping!!!
So maybe by the end of the day we will have a pip and maybe even a hatch. Will share pics when I figure this out. I would love for anyone else outthereto share info about thiere silkie chicks hatching out or ones they have had hatch out in the past. Thanks....
how exciting. i have 6 silkie eggs in the incubator now were only on day 3. keep us posted cant wait to see how everything turns oout

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