Silkies don't want to roost in coop


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Got 2 Silky hens Saturday. Built them a tractor and every night right at dark I have to go get them and put them up into the roost. My Buffs and Marans I have in another tractor are in the coop an hour before dark. Is it normal for Silkies to want to sleep on the ground? I am afraid to let them sleep in the run because a coon or something might dig under and get them. I always shut up my chickens in the roost at night. Thanks for your input.
Silkies, in general, don't like to be up high. Every Silkie I've ever owned has never roosted on a roost, always on a nest. I have one that we check on literally every night to make sure she made it up the ramp and into her coop. She has a hard time going up the ramp. Have you tried to watch them and see if that is the case?
Thanks for the response. Today I doubled the number of slats on the ramp. After doing that, one went up and laid an egg and came back down but I didn't witness it. But when it got dark they were both still down on the ground.
I would lock them just in the coop part for jusr a couple of days.
Once they get used to sleeping in the coop they will go back in everynight.
Don't let them stay on the ground. Agree with blueoval...put them in there over and over...or leave them inside a couple of days, if it is cool enough. They will eventually start going in. Also, put a night light in the coop and they'll go in.
Thanks for the responses, haven't thought of the nightlight. I'll try that this weekend. Had to put them in again tonight. They are not appreciating it either. Hope something works, I don't want to be tucking them in every night forever!

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