Silkies, final gender determination please! (Hopefully)


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Okay, I'll tell you what I think they are and you can give me an idea on what you think. Looking them over today and taking pics, I'm not real thrilled with how they've changed/turned out. I think I'm going to be downsizing even more and maybe bringing a few better quality ones in for breeders if I can find them. I am super picky, I know this.

I thought this was a girl, but it's got absolutely funky stuff going on in its crest and it's comb and wattles are getting bigger. A tiny bit of red at the wattle area.
It was my favorite. I think it'll be a gorgeous rooster if it gets that funky hair thing sorted out.

I think girl. Not thrilled with the quality at all.

Pretty positive this is a boy. I am hoping it fills in more b/c it looks puny to me right now in terms of fluff and silkieness. (Yes, I made that word up.

Blue silkie...I know cochins have the dark top and lighter on bottom when blue, but I thought silkies were not supposed to have. I believe this is a girl.

Pullet, I believe. Pretty, good fluff, good form, but black color is not even.

Pullet, I believe. Same issues as above.

This is definitely a roo and will not be staying here for sure. Has silver in the hackles and splotchy color.


So...any worth keeping? I kind of "put all of my eggs in one basket" and this is all that I have left for chickens. I want the best that I can buy and I am picky and I want to be happy. *sigh* I need to figure out which to keep, which to part with and a breeder to buy a few nice ones from.

Thanks in advance for input.
I like all the girls quality just if it was not for color =/ Your roos......hmmm I kinda like the second one and the first one. idk
I wouldn't mind the first one as a roo or a hen. It's the only one that I am truly happy with except for that funk going on in the crest. I have no clue what it is. A big clump like 3-4" longer than the rest, but off to the side, not like a normal roosters crest feathers.
I think your guesses are really good, they seem accurate.

Whatever gender they are, I think they are absolutely adorable!!!

All the splash are cockerels and I personally wouldn't keep any of them. The bottom black is a cockerel. The others, pullets, seem to be fairly decent. Photos 5 & 6, the girls aren't bad but could have more cushion and fullness, they seem to be lacking depth in hind quarters. But I like their front ends. If you could find a different male strong in the hind quarters, I would keep them. I'm not a silkie expert by any means though, so take what I think with a grain of salt.
I forgot to say these were hatched in January. I don't know if they have more growing to do or not.

What do you see wrong with splash #1 as a roo? (other than the funky feathers in the crest ;-) )
Any other input? I'd like to decide this weekend what to do. Think I may keep the top one (to see how it fills out), the blue one and the two black girls, for now.

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