Silkies Lav, Buff/lav split, blk/lav split, white etc... PU ONLY NY

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    Dec 16, 2008
    I have a bunch of juvenile silkies unsexed available. some are obvious as to sex but I will let you choose and will give no input to avoid any mistakes and angry buyers. Some of my cockerels are such quality that it is impossible to tell sex until they crow. Several are great quality and show good potential with great feet huge crests and nice type. $10 each for all colors other than lavender $25 each for full lavs. all between the ages of 2-5 months of age. I also have some wonderful Silkie Pairs and trios that are breeding age. prices vary. Just e-mail me or shoot me a pm if you want to come down and see. [​IMG] I am in lower Westchester NY close to NJ, and CT boarders. please look as previous auctions for pics I will try to take some but dont have a lot of time these days.

    UNDER NO circumstance will I ship as it is WAY too hot everywhere.

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