Silkies R Finally Here from MyPetChicken (Pic Heavy)

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    I have been waiting a VERY long time to finally own my first batch of Silkies. I ordered one batch from MyPetChicken, and another batch from IDEAL, due to arrive tomorrow morning. I ordered the assorted Silkie Bantams (10) and I seem to have 2 blacks, 2 blues, 2 partridges, 2 reds, 1 white, 1 grey/splash, which is really nice because its really an assorted mix of colors. I was worried that I might have too many of 1 color and not many of the others. They arrived early, 6.15am and I was at the post office by 6.45, with the dogs in tow, to welcome home our new chicks. I was waking up every hour before they arrived, I was so eager to collect them.

    Rummy (left) and Kimi (Right) gazing calmly at the new box of Silkie chicks that we just collected from the Post Office. I bring the dogs with me every time we fetch a new batch of chicks home. It seems to help them associate the chicks as part of our pack sooner, and helps with nurturing their protective instincts. I do an introduction of each chick to both dogs, and the dogs sniff to their hearts content. Rummy will sometimes lick them.

    One of our blue chicks. They are now 2 days old, as they were hatched on Monday. They look SO cute and soft. I think it is a miracle how something so wonderful could come out of a simple egg.

    A partridge chick. All the chicks arrived healthy, and alive. I dipped their beaks into the water and the green gel, and they immediately started feeding. I was so relieved and happy.

    Part of our introduction process. Kimi gets to sniff and look at every single chick before they get put into the brooder.

    Chicks in an eating frenzy. Pardon the reddish hue to the pics, because that is from the heat lamp. I'm getting the chicks used to having human hands in the brooder, furry muzzles in there, and cameras and the flash too. After a while, they ignore all this, and just feel comfortable enough to relax and do whatever they want.

    A blue chick drinks some water.

    A black or blue chick (I'm not too sure). They all have 5 toes and have dark skin, just as the standard says. But we won't know how they turn out till they mature, so we'll see. I really hope they'll be beautiful and stay as close to standards as possible, but since I'm not breeding or selling, or showing, it doesn't really matter, as long as I love them.

    A White silkie in the foreground, and a blue one in the background.

    United colors of Benetton. I open the lid off the feeder to help the chicks find their food faster and easier. After a few days, I close the lid back when they already know where to find the food.

    Exquisitely beautiful chicks. All the chicks have been sexed as female, and I did have to pay more for that, so I really do hope they're all hens. Keeping fingers crossed.

    Feeding, drinking, sleeping, and pooping. For the first few days, it seems like that is all they do.


    My beautiful blue/splash chick gazing into the distance.

    She's the queen of the world for a moment, and she seems very happy with herself standing on top of the food feeder.

    Watchya lookin at? My black silkie.

    Blue/Splash silkie.

    When I get these chicks so little, I like that I am in complete control over all the factors going into nurturing them. I can control their behaviors somewhat, help them get accustomed to dogs, humans, human sounds, different kinds of food, learning to perch etc, and I enjoy being able to bond with them starting so young.

    I know my Airedales are going to have a blast of a time. So will we.
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    Super cute. And, what good dogs![​IMG]
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    Aug 11, 2010
    aww....but wow thats alot of money 10 dollers per chick and 10 chicks [​IMG] and there all soooooo cute how can somthing be soooo cute i mean really
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    What beautiful chicks Sheila. I love to see the babies but, also because I get to see Rummy and Kimmi. Rummy seems to have such a parental look to his face.
  5. Mahonri

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    They certainly are beautiful.
  6. LyonFuzz

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    That's a beautiful critter family you have:) And what gentle, well adjusted dogs. Enjoy!
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    My word you took beautiful pictures! I actually like that pink hue in the pics you took. What adorable babies...enjoy!
  8. Lisa202

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    Aug 20, 2010
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    They are adorable. I can't wait to get mine in 2 weeks.

    What is the green gel you spoke about? I've been reading a lot and haven't come across green gel?
  9. sheilawagner

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    Hi Lisa,

    The green gel is actually called Gro-Gel, some places call it Grogel Plus B, or variations of that name. It comes in powdered form, and when you add water, it forms into a green gel. It is packed with protein, energy, vitamins, amino acids, other good stuff, and probiotic bacteria, that will aid and kickstart the chicks digestive system. After being exhausted and dehydrated from the journey, this gel is a good supply for immediate liquids and necessary nutrients for the chicks.

    I ordered it to try it on my first batch of chicks, every chick loves it and ever since then, I've been feeding it to all my subsequent batches. I have not lost a single chick once it got here. Except for that one gold laced polish juvenile that was snatched by a hawk the other day when they were free ranging outside.

  10. ChickensAreSweet

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    I really enjoyed the pictures!!! Thank you for posting them. They are so adorable. Silkies to me always look so wise.


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