There are Standard (Normal Sized) Silkies, but they are not available in the U.S. You would have to find a breeder out of the States if you wanted one.
All silkies in the US are bantams, although they do remind me more of a mid size breed. Maybe it's all that fluff.
Wow, I'm suprised someone hasn't tried to cross breed and come up with a larger silkie.
Well I guess it's like the Standard Poodle and the toy poodle.
I would want a bigger Silkie just so I could keep it in with my bigger chickens. I have a standard size rooster and I'm afraid he had a lot to do in the death of one of my bantam hens (a D'Uccle).
So now I'm so scared to get any more bantams. My Sebright gets along with him okay though.
Are you kidding? Why would anyone want to have large fowl if they thought like that? Of course I would want a standard size Silkie, just like I have standard size Polish.
There are folks who don't care for large fowl and others who do not care for bantams; to each his own. It is no different than folks who prefer one breed over another. Personally, if I could get a HUGE fluffy silkie, I would love it! (Can you imagine a 12 or 14 lb silkie!)
Hmmm, STD cochin x my non bearded too big for my taste white roo. keeping the comb dark is the big problem, which is dominant walnut or strait comb ? at the last swap there was a silkie I swear was crossed with a sumatra.

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