should help some

In the USA silkies are bantams, unless someone is importing them from somewhere else.

There are larger silkies in the UK, is my understanding (see the above website).

I am a silkie owner, not a breeder, so take with a grain of salt.
I own and sell silkies, and yes thier are full sized silkies, some known as giants which are as i said giant! hard to find though i will give that
thanks! i ordered some fertile silkie eggs and i really only want them to be bantams
are the roos as docile as the hens? i cannot wait for them to hatch
do you have any tips for the coop?
In the US, there are only bantams, although periodically you will hear about someone working on a large fowl silkie project. There is an active thread on here about largefowl silkies, and the photos show pretty large birds. That said, if you are in the US, unless specifically advertised as such, they will be bantams. In Europe, England, Australia, New Zealand (etc.) there are both large fowl silkies and bantams. Their bantams are a bit smaller than ours.

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