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Oct 20, 2018
since I am new to the guinea fowl life, I was watching two of my guineas scuffle. I thought it was a case of bullying, but I am now wondering if it is a mating ritual. What do I look for to know the difference. I am hoping you don’t find this question odd. Thanks.
If they are chasing each other its a mating ritual and will go on for hours... Usually with the intended female Blatantly ignoring them...:gig

But its too late in the season So Probably a pecking order discussion. They usually only mess with each other for a while then forget what they were doing.

By the way :welcome from San Diego. Your info doesnt say what part of the country or world you are located. Thats helpful info for all sorts of questions.

I am in NJ and new to this. Dogs have always been my thing and actually this seems quite similar. Just concerned about how long this “fighting” episode goes on. Is it a fight or flight thing or a fight to the death or just a mean girls act? I guess I’ll just let them work it out. Thanks for your help
How many guineas to you have? :pop technically the more the better Male and female ratio can be as little as one to five like chickens or one to one as in nature. My last flock was bout twenty.... But my first flock was five adult males.... Yep males get along quite nicely.

Guneas Pair up for the season usually.... The first season though from Keet to Sexual maturity is the most active. Most people get Keets in the summer and raise them up they reach sexual maturity sometime in the winter and by the Spring when the weather is good They get to the buisness of pairing up.

Thats when the may hem starts...:gig euphemistically speaking... Lots of noise and random scuffles.... Chasing about ... If you have chickens this may be when they will get picked on if its going to happen. Guines attack en mass.... so predators be ware...

I have personally seen my five males escort a coyote off the premisis... charging and yelling at him... the whole time he was looking back saying "This aint right" :lau

But the first go round the Guineas get a beautiful bluish hue to their white skin.... and pair off.

The next year they will be Ho hum over the whole thing. some scuffles and chasing about but not as much as this year.

Guineas are a fascinating species.... Nothing like chickens... The form family groups Group tend keets while the hen forages... Males form Bachelor flocks in the wild and All will Warm Keets as is necessary...

Welcome to a Wild Wonderful world. Lots of people with "Opinions" around Gather info about them take what you need file other stuff away....

A good start is Guineas 101... its a long thread and sometimes hilarious.... Quite a few experts on there who raise Guineas for sale or who are long term owners...
It may seem dormant for now but ask questions and you will get good answers.

You are wonderful taking so much time for me. I got the keets the first of June when they were a day old. I read tons of info on them and was quite proud of myself getting all 6 to survive after reading all the do’s and dont’s about keets. There are two that seem to scuffle and the one being picked on really avoids confrontation when she can. It appears I have two males and 4 females. I suppose I should have gotten more but knowing so little I was cautious and at this point would be unsure of introducing more into this flock. I am just relaxing and letting nature takes its course. Thanks again and I will keep reading.
Good very good start... You just have a low man on the totem pole .... Gender has no play into it.. One of the things I do is set up more than one feeding spot.... That way one gets chased off he or she can head off to another.... Works for a combo flock big time... Guineas and Chickens....

Guineas havent been domesticated as long as chickens so they keep much of what they started with behaviorally.

You are doin good.... VBG The only reason I suggested checking out other threads was its always best to get other points of view. MY personal experience wont be the same as someone who has guineas in a cold climate.... My coops are chainlink therefore so I cannot advise on other construction except through disgorging what I have read... stuff like that.


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