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May 13, 2009
Happy Valley, CA
Should I give my roo a bath? I guess the hens are getting revenge on our rooster - they keep pooping on him. Doesn't seem to bother him but it is so GROSS. He has a hurt foot right now and I went to pick him up last night to check it out and he was covered in fresh poop! Needless to say there was no checking the foot last night! YUK! I guess I could take the hose to him - what do you think?
Oh, if you took the hose to him, you'd have an arch nemesis with spurs in the back yard. I wouldn't do it.

What's wrong with his foot? Does it need to get some first aid?

Second, how are the hens able to poop on him? Is he not allowed to roost with them?

Finally, if you really REALLY must clean him up, give him a bath in the house with warm water. Or find a bucket and a rag and use that to wipe off the worst poop.
I checked his foot the first night (Tues) we saw him limping and there is no visible cuts or anything else. We think that he may have caught his foot on something and sprained his leg. It is getting better today.

With regard to the hens pooping on him. We have a three tiered roost and he roosts on the lowest tier. But its funny since the hens that are on the lower tier don't get pooped on just him. I'll use a wet cloth to clean him tonight. Thanks for helping out with my question, that is what makes this a GREAT forum - everyone is so helpful no matter how silly it is.

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