Silly swimming chickens...I mean "ducks"....I mean chickens!!

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  1. Quote:Thanks! [​IMG]
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    Nov 14, 2010
    Thats the coolest thing ever!
    Now im thinking i should get my girls a pool to go with their sandbox....... Do you think they would wade into a kiddie pool?
    Anybody have a duck pond that the chicks use too?
  3. Quote:And i do believe that is the stink eye you are receiving, poor guy.

    Yep! I agree. Definitely the stink eye. [​IMG]
  4. Quote:Thanks Rebekah. It's pretty fun too. [​IMG]
  5. Quote:Thanks Pam. By the way, I LOVE your thumbnail picture.
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    That is so cool [​IMG]...We have a 2' deep kiddie pool filled, and now I'm thinking I should try to see if my chickens could swim. They'd probably freak out though. [​IMG]
  7. Quote:They are super calm in the water (now). Not so much when I first introduced them to it;). As far as the poop? Well....actually....they did today for the first time [​IMG]. Two of them within 30 seconds of each other. So I got the kids out, scooped the poop off the bottom with the skimmer and hurried inside to check the internet and see what to do if there is a poop accident in a pool. Thankfully I just needed to add a little more chlorine and wait around 25 min. to a 1/2 hour before swimming again. I'll be thinking about putting them back in again "or not". Probably I will though. The chickens and the kids have so much fun together in it. We'll see. I'll have to think about it.
  8. Quote:I'm not sure if they would or not. Mine had to be taught to go in the water. I had to physically, gently and calmly lower them in several times before they caught on to the fact that they didn't have to freak out. But learn they did! [​IMG]
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  9. Quote:Mine freaked out in the beginning. I gently held their wings down and lowered them in. It took several tries before they got the idea that it was fun and refreshing for them. [​IMG] I'd go for it, but don't give up if they freak out the first few times. Just make sure you supervise it each time. That way they won't have to panic if they can't figure out how to get out. Come back and let me know how it goes!
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