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    I am looking at purchasing either the silver or golden phoenix. And I'm trying to find out if they are cold hardy or not! Can anyone out there help me with this information! I cant seem for find this info with any if the hatcheries. I'm just wondering is anyone else raises this breed in cold climates! I live it the northwest mountains of North Carolina and it gets really cold here and so I have to be careful of the beeeds that I get for my farm! I would appreciate any help that I can get! Thank you!
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    Feb 22, 2012
    Northeast Ohio
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    IF you find an answer, please post it here-- I am looking for the same information. My son is totally smitten with the breed-- outof over 3300 birds at the Northeast Poultry Show, he wants silver phoenix.
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    Well I've found out a little info on the breed! Cold tolerant that is! The golden Phoenix seems to be a little more cold tolerant than the silver! So I'm most likely going to go with the gold but I thing that if one was to make a warm enough VoIP with some insulation for winter they would most likely be OK! This is my speculation though! I think that I will give it a try! Hope this helps ya too!
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    Sep 12, 2012
    I'm not sure why most people say certain breeds of chicken are cold hardy or heat tolerant, because really they all are.

    As long as you have a DRY, enclosed area where they can rest (i.e. ventilated coop) and protect themselves from the wind, they can withstand the cold. And as long as you have a shaded area with plenty of ventilation and access to plenty of water during the summer, they can withstand the heat.

    I'm down south in Georgia, and it is expected to get close to ZERO tonight. But I have all sorts of breeds, including tiny bantams with no leg feathers, and they are just fine as long as they have the right resources. And my silkies (which aren't supposed to be heat-tolerant) do just fine in the 100-degree summers in their shade-covered dog kennel and a huge trough of water.
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    I've only had 1 Silver Phoenix, but she handled the winters in Va just fine (where I lived when I had here).
    I agree with the above, just about any breed can be kept anywhere as long as they have adequate shelter. My Orps and Cochins did fine in the summer as long as they has shade, my ornamental bantams do fine in the winters even tho they technically shouldn't...
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    Right now we are at 5 degrees, and my LF single combed roosters took a punishing in the beginning of Jan when the temps hit this temp-- and a fellow in CA has sorted thru several breeds dumping those that cannot handle the heat. My point is that each breed is not made equally.

    I contacted some one in Mass that had silvers and yes they need a bit of special housing and a heat lamp on their roost at night.

    I'm looking at providing a different housing set up for these birds compared to my LF.

    Thanks for sharing everyone!!

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