Silver Appleyard Ducks


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5 Years
Sep 13, 2014
Hi all, I'm new here and a first time duck owner!
I'm looking to get some ducks soon and have been looking through the breeds, I really like the look of Silver Appleyards so was wondering if you could answer some questions for me?

I've owned animals for the last 13 years but never ducks (I had a parrot, he's the only bird I've ever had) would Silver Appleyards be a good 'starter' duck?

How much space do they ideally need?- I'm planning on having a predator proof coop and run for them to live in and then they can free range around part of our garden once they're settled/during the day.

I'm not too bothered about getting eggs, I've found two males in need of a home near by so would two males be ok living together? with my other animals males have to be seperated at a certain age before they start fighting and obviously don't want fighting ducks!

We have very close neighbours so how noisy are they? I know they will make some noise which is fine, I love duck noises! I just want to be fair on the neighbours!

I think that's about it for now, anything else you think I need to know feel free to say, I will be very grateful for any help


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