Silver Cuckoo Marans??


7 Years
Oct 24, 2012
Fort Bragg, Ca
Hey guys,
I need some help or confirmation in the breed of my new pullet who is about 11 weeks old or so. I was told by the guy I purchased her from that she is a Silver Cuckoo Marans, but I am not sure. She seems pretty light in comparison to the ones that I've seen. From what I have gathered, they usually look very similar to the BR, and mine has a little beard, which I haven't seen on the SCM. I just don't know (not that it matters, she is beautiful and I love her anyway).


Here are some pics I took today:
(Her comb looks really red because of the light in the coop, it is actually pretty yellow)

So after searching a little bit, I'm thinking maybe she's a splash ameraucana marans x? the legs are pink with grey splotches which makes me think the marans X. The guy still maintains that she is a SCM, but whatever.
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Okay, more research through the olive egger thread, I think she is and olive egger. I am thinking cuckoo marans (pink and grey legs with slight feathering) and easter egger. I can't wait until she starts laying to see what color eggs I actually get. Its like christmas or something!

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