Silver laced and Columbian bantam cochins

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  1. I've picked those I wish to retain for breeding and now have available 4 juveniles from Spring 2013. The silver laced pullet ($10) is hatchery quality from Ideal Hatchery. She's too long/lean for my breeding program but lacing isn't too bad for a hatchery bird. The 2 columbian cockerels($6 each) are from Dick Horstman. Columbians can be of help in improving the body type of silver laced cochins. Finally, the youngest is a silver laced cockerel ($6) who comes from good breeding. His lacing is fairly uneven and mossy. For simplicity sake,I'd rather they all go together. But at a minimum would sell a pair. The female will not be sold as a single, must accompany a male.
    Payment by paypal to [email protected]
    Shipping cost for 2 birds-$65; 3 birds $75 or all 4 birds $85. Cannot ship to NC, HI or AK. I put watermelon or cantaloupe for moisture during shipping.
    I intend to ship soon as temps are back in the 80s or local pickup in central Front Range is welcome.
    Email with any questions.

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