Silver Laced Cochin?? What to breed to get one?


12 Years
Mar 25, 2007
Erda, UT
If I had a Black Cochin roo and bred it with a Silver Laced Standard, would that give me a Silver Laced Cochin?? Thanks for your help!
A black roo on silver laced hens will gove you a sexlink. The males will be patterned and the females will be black, and maybe alittle white. If you do it the other way, a silver laced roo on black hens, keep a male from that and cross it to a SL hen. Or you could just buy some from mcmurray or some one else.
How about breeding two silver laced cochins to get a silver laced cochin? The variety is in such a poor state of quality as it is, outcrossing is not the answer.

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