Simple chicken coop design - please help!!!


9 Years
Mar 11, 2011
I've been searching all over the Internet for a free and simple chicken coop design, but I always end up finding resources that sell the design. I wouldn't ask for a free design if I didn't have to spend over $600 last weekend, trying to save my first hen, whom got attacked brutally by a strayed dog. Even with the money spent, my hen passed away the next morning. My heart is broken over her absence, and I'm beyond emotional cripple of what had happened. I

Is there anyone out there who would be kind as to share a simple, DIY chicken coop that I can use or direct me to a site that will allow me to print step-by-step instruction ? Thanks so much!!!
I'm so sorry about your chicken
I noticed there are over 700 pages on coop design in this forum. Hope another wonderful chicken will come along and warm your heart. Rebekah

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