Simple Question: What Do You Feed Your Laying Hens?

Oct 20, 2017
Country Lane 16% Poultry Layer Pellets for the big girls, and Country Lane 16% All Flock crumbles for the silkies. I would like to feed them all the All Flock, with oyster shell and grit on the side, but just don't want to feed them food in crumble form, as it's SO messy (though for the Silkies I'm willing to). That I know of, CL's All Flock feed doesn't come in pelleted style, unfortunately (it's also cheaper than the layer feed). But, no biggy. :)

ETA: They get fancy scratch grain pretty much daily, mealworms, and leftover table scraps as well (and occasionally are allowed to forage for some of their own food ).


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Jul 23, 2018
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Big Sky organic 16% no corn or soy whole grain layer mash from Azure Standard.
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