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    Jan 13, 2012
    I see lots of people on here with terminology about raising chicks, and distinct steps on how to raise them. Alright what you are gonna need is just a 3'X4' box with an old window screen over it. Get a heat lamp with a red brooder bulb. If it is around 70 degrees where you are putting it you dont have to put it at exactly 17 inches. just put it up about 22 inches and it will be fine. Give them some water with a brick beneath it and some feed. When the chicks are 21 days old take the heat lamp out and put in the brooder lamp just a regular old 60W soft white bulb. Thats all you gotta do and when they are 30 days old you wont need any light source. and dont bother with medicated feed just buy some good ole chick starter.

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