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May 24, 2021
Middle Tennessee
Is it advisable or totally NOT advisable to have a single chicken...specifically a rooster?
I have a 3 month old polish that is soooo good and everything else EXCEPT the hormones!
Would he be good, like I'm thinking he would, to be a single chicken pet?
For some reason , polish roosters seem to be a bit more aggressive. If there’s aggression showing now, it probably will worsen with age.

Here’s the tricky part. An aggressive young cockerel can sometimes be taught better mannerisms by an older hen flock. But if they are all young , it may or may not work out.

and true to what others said , they need their flock. I know if I separate anyone from their flock they are always looking for their family.
Thank God found a home with other chickens!!! Just gotta keep the peace til Saturday and pray they don't back out!
I will surely miss the Lil dude as he n I have had a very good bond!
From his lil poopy butt as a chick, to escaping the brooder, to following me from backyard to garage, to coming to me when he got way away from the house after lawn man came! I have even tried to work with him in submission methods I've seen from farmers that handle aggressive roosters. He has always submitted practically immediately...and even stayed in that submission position after I have walked away for several minutes. He would warn me when the pullets got out of the yard (wrought-iron fencing) and then go try to wrangle em back in. He will make an awesome addition to another flock!!!
I think I will do better with silkies after this experience. And I pray Mango will be as good at it as Polish has been!
Thank yall, as always, for your wisdom and shared experiences!!!

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