Single duck raising advice?

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    We just hatched a single Rouen(or wild Mallard/Rouen cross) named Wally(after Wally West the flash since he's so full of energy or Molly if it's a girl) accidentally,because unfortunately it's 6 siblings died in the egg before they could hatch together. It's already imprinted on me and my sister and cries out if we leave it alone,he likes to run around following us around the room and cuddles and sleeps on our hands .He sleeps at night's very healthy,energetic and playful,exploring everything and anything.:) We've decided to raise it as a house duck because of his unique situation.We also have in the house a Bloodhound,a cat,and a lovebird(who is never let out with the duck because he is territorial towards him.) the duck is currently being raised in a tub with hay and a heat lamp in a room isolated from the cat and the dog never comes upstairs because of the gates we put on the stairs so our duck is safe from attack.:) I've never raised a house duck of all things and would like advice on raising him!:)

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    There is an indoor duck thread.

    Some folks successfully keep a single duck - it is quite the commitment, and not necessarily ideal for ducks as they are flock animals. But it has been done.

    There are some solo ducks who seem quite content and well adjusted. Their humans are totally devoted to their care.
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