Sisters cat caught a WILD duckling.....any difference on raising it ?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by unionwirewoman, Jul 13, 2010.

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    I got a panicked call from my sister tonight . Apparently her cat had a wild duckling in it's mouth and she decided to call me . It isn't hurt , and is now resting peacefully in my dog crate with water and food . My question is..... How do I raise this duckling so that I can return it to the wild when it feathers out ? Any info would be appreciated . I've raised ducks before and know what a pain in the butt they can be . Not sure if I should be feeding it what it's supposed to be fed , and when I can release it ?
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    May 18, 2010
    under your bed.
    it may not be able to be released, because its mother will not hav been able to teach it how to survive in the wild. You can probably just feed it regular duckling food.
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    I would also try bugs and stuff that they would find by a pond...
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    I also have a wild duckling. It was about a week old when I got it. I've had it about 5 days. I put mine in a rubbermaid tub with a towel for bedding and have a light over it to keep the temp about 80. I put water in a small plastic tub, cutting the top just enough for it to dip its head in there and get a drink. I've been feeding it a wild game bird starter. I called the Bird Rescue Center and they said that is the perfect way to care for it. I am going to take it there toward the end of the month (It is 300 miles away) They will check it out and make sure it is healthy and can get its own food and release it at a location where there are the same kind of ducks. It seems to be doing well. It is very lonesome so I put a mirror and a stuffed animal in with it. It chirps to itself in the mirror and seems to be doing fine. I will include a picture. The bird rescue people said it is not against the law here in Alaska to have wild waterfowl - just other wild birds. Good luck. I would advise calling your local wild bird rehab. place for assistance. It sounded like I could keep it if I wanted, but I think it would be happier if it could be released.


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