Sitting On Eggs & Making A Loud Noise

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by 1234duck, May 21, 2011.

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    Is it normal for the hen to be making a loud noise while sitting on her nest/eggs? It's a loud kinda panting sound, shes been doing it for a while now & her eggs are suppose to hatch anytime now. I thought she was hot but even when it wasn't really hot out she was doing it, i guess she still could have been hot. My other mommy duck didn't make any noises so I wasn't sure if something was wrong. Thanks, ~Julie~
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    I cant help you with not having broody ducks...I wish I had broody ducks, I would love for them to help me hatch some out every month, like a staggered hatch every 2 weeks, Ill do 1 if you do 1 in 2 weeks hehehe:lol: My ducks are more interested in digging holes than making babies.
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    lmao @ nicky.... yes its really different the broodie hen hatching mine did better at hatching than I did. lol she got 7/13.. 1 she took out of nest with a hole in it..stunk superrrr bad. then i took 1 out that was baddd. after she hatched 7 there was 4 left. 1 was not fertile and (3) I hatched in bator With the...... 1st duckling hatching~ 6 Days After Hatch.... 2nd duckling hatched~ 7Days After..... 3rd duckling hatched ~8 Days After Hatch but its weird how theres so many things WE have to do for the ducklings VS. what the mommy duck does for the ducklings. lol ~Julie~

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