Size of hardware cloth?


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Mar 27, 2014
Berthoud, CO

I live in an area with numerous predators- fox, mink, snakes, hawks, etc... I am wondering what size hardware cloth to use for our run? I would like to have it as big as possible, so grasshoppers, etc can get in (I've heard they are a nice treat, and we have TONS of them)- but small enough so mink and snakes cannot get in... Any ideas? Is this even possible?


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Jun 8, 2010
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1/2 inch is the only thing that keeps out rats and weasels, which kill chickens.
I don't know about mink and snakes, unfortunately.

In terms of a run, I just use welded wire fencing and make sure they are closed up for the night.

If your run is small and you can do it, lining the welded wire along the bottom with hardware cloth helps to keep the owls, raccoons, and hawks from pulling them through the welded wire fencing.

Aproning out at the bottom helps to deter diggers. You can search for hardware cloth apron if needed, or ask.
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