size of house for three ducks

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    May 24, 2012
    i need to know the measurements for building a duck house. will they lay there egg in side of it and what bedding do they need
    thanks [​IMG]
  2. I built my duckhouse 8'W X 4'D X 40"H with a 6'W X 10'L X 40"H wire pen. 2 windows for light in the front, inside the wire pen to keep predators out and let air in, a door that doubles as a ramp on one side for easy access for the ducks and can close it at night at bedtime (extra security from predators, also inside the wire pen) and a door on the other side (outside the wire pen) for MY access for cleanout of soiled straw and collection of eggs, when they start laying. I built 3 nesting boxes inside the duckhouse, where they will lay their eggs, and placed them just inside of the cleanout door.

    I use straw on the inside floor because it is easier to remove at cleanout time. You can also use pine wood shavings. Don't use hay as hay will mildew and mold. Also, never use cedar shavings as cedar is toxic to ducks and chickens if they eat it, which they will.

    I built an access door on the wire pen, right at the door/ramp on the house, so I can close the door/ramp at night, and another one the full width of the wire pen at the end of the pen so I can pull out the kiddie pool to empty it and wash it out, then slide the pool back in and refill it with clean water.

    I have 1, 10 week old mallard, 4, 8 week old pekins, 3, 3 week old mallards and 1, 3 week old sweedish/muscovy mix, (the 3 week olds I hatched out and they are not old enough to go in the pen with the older ones yet).

    My duckhouse should be big enough for all 9 of my ducks. The wire pen may have to be extended when the 4 little ones are big enough to be put with the others.

    I will try to take some pix tomorrow and post them for your reference.

    Good luck!! Ducks are some messy

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    Feb 5, 2012
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    Mine is A frame of 10' x 10' with a height of 6' in the center. I use straw as the bedding. I have 23 chickens and 8 ducks currently in the coop and open range unfenced from sun up to sun down.
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    Me and my family ordered a large dog house from Lowes and it fits our 3 Buff Orpingtons just fine. Not sure on the measurements, but if you look it up it will tell you!
    (We use fresh in their house and rake it out every other day.)
    They should lay inside of the house, because that is where they have the most privacy... however, this is different with each case! Some lay in the pond or in the grass, so just watch them.
    Usually, they will get onto a laying cycle and lay right in their house.
    Ducks generally lay anywhere from 6am-8:30am, but again that is different with every case! (I've heard stories of ducks that lay at 10am or even at night!)
    I have mine on a 9am let-out schedule so they know they can have time to lay early!

    Hope this helps!
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    May 24, 2012
    thanks again my ducks are two months old and never had a house so they are used to being out i also have three chickens but for about three months they been cooped cause they keep jumping the fence. also is there any trick to help with the flys they are every where.
  6. Fly strips. Keep the coop clean.
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    May 24, 2011
    On, Canada
    DE helps too.
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