Size & shape of a guinea hen's first couple eggs? And, what is this thing my hen hatched?

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    My guinea started laying about a month ago. I never realized where her eggs were being laid (the flock is confined for the winter & she's the only guinea), till a little chick hatched under my OEGB, hiding under the nestboxes, that could possibly be half guinea. I found half the eggshell, it's a bit pointed at the end I found, but the size of a bantam egg, and not extremely thick. This is normal for the first egg or more?

    Also, what do the guinea people think of this hatchling? It's snow-white, with carroty-pink skin, slightly wedgy head, non-chick voice, zips like lightning across the Rubbermaid tub in a half second, at 12 hours old. LOVES live larvae (and who wouldn't[​IMG]?)


    Here's the head, sorry for the blur.

    not quite like chick down, either, more like fine hairs all over, shimmery. (again reminds me of the guineas I hatched last spring)

    Does anyone have any experience with these crosses? PeepsCA? MuranoFarms?

    I have one pied/lavender guinea hen, raised by & as a chicken and 30 hens, with 3 serama-cross bantam roos. How & why? Must be her stunning good looks & charm [​IMG].
    These are supposed to be extremely rare in nature, so is this possible? Chicks don't come out white & orangey.
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    I can't tell from the pics, but yes it could be a hybrid. Determined roosters are able to breed and fertilize Guinea Hens. The hybrids are pretty rare, usually always sterile and they tend to have shorter life spans than either a Guinea or chicken.

    Post more pics if you can... will be interesting to see the changes it goes thru as it matures.

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