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    I have 4 chickens, and am trying to figure out if my sexlink is laying a wide variety of sizes or if one of my younger girls is also laying. I get some eggs that literally won't fit in the egg carton, I'm not sure jumbo would cut it. The others are normal medium and large size eggs. I haven't gotten two in one day and since my sexlink *should* be laying almost every day, I'm assuming they're all hers. Can she really lay a jumbo one day and a medium the next? This is her first winter, she's been laying since early fall. I feel like this is a stupid question, but I tell ya, I just don't know! The color varies, the size varies, but I've never caught another chicken on the nest, nor gotten two in one day.

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    My red star currently lays consistent 62-64 gram eggs, but some of her early ones were massive. Like you say, they don't fit in the carton. One double yolk, the rest were just crazy big. Color can vary too, from day to day, but not as much as the variation from breed to breed.

    Sometimes diet can make huge eggs, I think. The most massive eggs came after days I gave them lots of high-protein scraps.

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