sizes of pines peepers

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  1. i love my chick

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    Mar 1, 2016
    Hello, My chickens are still feather picking despite the beautiful spacious accommodations, etc. I have tried the pines peepers and they are able to get a claw underneath them and pull them off. Are there different sizes of peepers? If so how do I know which size to use. I have golden wyandotte and bard rocks. The bards are the ones who are more successful at pulling them off.

    Help. I am tired of seeing bald spots.
  2. A lady I met actually crazy glues hers on her birds...I have never used them so I can not give you a real answer...Sometimes it is nutritional, boredom or the breeds do not mix well....I had RIR Hens that ate and pecked the hens of any other colour till bald or open wounds...I sold them all and will never own red birds again...

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