Skinnny duck... Any suggestions?


8 Years
Jun 2, 2011
I was noticing that one of my best layers is a bit thin. She is very healthy acting, alert, running, quacking, digging in the compost for worms, etc. I think its due to the cold weather (she really needs to molt, she has scraggly feathers from not molting since late spring) and her non-stop laying that is causing her to lose the weight. I have been watching her for the last couple of weeks and she really does seem to be in fine health except her weight.

I have food available 24/7 of layer pellets and another dish of waterfowl. Also grit and oyster shell available. I throw in about a half cup of BOSS at bedtime for all 11 ducks. They all free range during the day.

Seeing as everyone else is doing fine what would you suggest? She is a sweetie and it would be simple to give her something without the other getting it. More BOSS? Cat food? Calf manna? I have never used it for ducks before but would it help out here? Anything else to help her put on some weight?
Anything in particular to look for in dog food when giving it to a duck? Also how much moist kibble per day would you suggest?
A good protein and fat %. How much does she weigh and how underweight is she?
I am guessing she is about a pound underweight. Not sure of her actual weight but Golden 300 Hybrids should be about 4 to 4½ pounds I believe. She felt really light when I picked her up and checked her but I can't actually say as to an exact number.
Okay that's doable. I would only mix a few teaspoons a day in with the feed.
Yeah, she isn't horrible looking (other then her scraggly feathers) or anything but I just want to make sure she doesn't get sick or any thinner. She is my second best layer and very friendly. I could just give her the moist dog food as she will readily come and eat out of my hand. That way I know she gets it. Everyone else has good feathers as they molted in fall. She somehow missed the call to molt and I think the cold is getting to her and eating up her calories.
give her a vacation for a few days and some rich feed as suggested...normal protein (for duck) is 18% so look for something a bit higher. Most feeds have it listed on the bag,.

Sounds like she might just need a break...laying is hard work by the way mine yelps..!

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