skittish chicks.


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May 8, 2015
southern maine
Hello I am new to this. And also having chicks.
I try and hold them and talk to them as much as possible. There are days I work 12 hours and don't get to hold them. The are very skittish and and when I get the water and food dishes to refill them they freak out. Running side to side of the tote that they are in. What can I do. I gave them grapes today with some sand/dirt with it for "grit" they are also 2 weeks old.
Coming in from above I've found freaks em out...think it's a bit of "oh man hawk gonna eat me" instinct.

They're in a tote so you may not be able to help much with that...try hand feeding them (yes this takes patience) so they can realize hey, hand of tasty foods! Move slowly, I'd find the best time for this was when refilling their food...they'd be a bit hungry. (Note. Don't leave em out of food. They're growing chicks! And dear goodness are they growing!)

It takes time but eventually someone will be brave...and others will follow. As they get a bit more comfortable with your hand they may start putting a foot or two up on your hand.
Also (and you may already be doing this), use a signature sound when you feed. I do a basic "chick-chick-chick", and they very quickly associate the sound with food! That coupled with the hand feeding should help
. Having a signature sound will also make it easy to get your hens to come to you once you've moved them out into their coop. Enjoy your chicks!


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