Skunk attack

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    Ok, it is not my ducks that got nuked or attacked. It's my golden retriever pup, or better teenager since he is now 8 months old. The dummy met a skunk, hubby called him back, and he got half of the load. [​IMG]
    So here we go had to wash him. I'm always prepared for this so I will share my recipe for the stench removal. First at all do not rinse the dogs fur. Do not use tomato juice, since it only masks the stench. Same for the stuff you buy commercially. You need to neutralize it by oxidizing the skunk juice. You need something that activates the oxidation process, which is baking soda. You know it does it when you see the fizzing.
    You need:
    1 quart hydrogen peroxide mixed into 1/2 bucket of warm water with a little bit of dog shampoo, you can also use dish washing liquid or bubble bath.
    Add 1/4 cup baking soda, mix well and use right away.
    Sponge the entire body using rubber gloves. Let sit for 5 minutes, rinse, smell the dog, and perhaps repeat.
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    [​IMG] lol poor pup
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    Quote:Funny...............I read that whole post above and thought the last word was RETREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Man, I need new glasses
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    Lets hope he has learned something. Only time will tell.

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