Skunk problem


Jun 7, 2016
Kingsley MI
So we have a skunk problem. I have 2 coops...the smaller one is next to the shed. Right now there are two roosters in there that I hatched and don't have it in me to put in the freezer...yet. They are Icelandics and escape from the dog pen run every day lol...then go back in by themselves. Anyway...A skunk has taken up residence under the shed. We tried trapping it but it is too big for the trap we have. He hasn't killed any chickens but has gotten into the run and eaten food. I don't want to remove the food at night because I am afraid he will go afer my chickens then. I found a small amount of digging around the big coop but there is buried hardware cloth around most of it so I think the hens are pretty safe. I kinda worry about the roosters but they are pretty tough . But it STINKS!!! And one of my cats got sprayed...not too bad but bad enough to need a bath. Not to mention I won't go out there when it is dark because I don't want to be sprayed. So I really would like him gone. any suggestions?


Apr 19, 2015
If I suspect intruders I use a product called repellall. It smells bad and makes their noses itchy and they usually dont come back. Its pretty in expansive for what it does. You can get it at Walmart or their website.

Folly's place

10 Years
Sep 13, 2011
southern Michigan
When you have chickens, you will have predators arriving, and you need to be ready to manage the situation. Get a bigger live trap, catch it, and shoot it, ASAP!
Skunks do kill chickens, and can carry rabies. Never trap and relocate!!!
I do hope your dogs and cats are current on their vaccinations too.

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