skunks now?


16 Years
Aug 19, 2007
Northern Utah
We have a raccoon problem suddenly. 7 years owning chickens and no problem until now. Tonight the dogs wake me up barking like crazy. Great, another raccoon. Hubby goes out, i hear a gunshot. He forgot to load shorts in the .22 so it was a little loud. Regardless, problem solved right? Bag it and toss it. Except it wasn't a raccoon. It was a skunk. My dogs have been sprayed. Trash day was today. Our pickup truck is in the shop. And it's raining. What do you do with a dead skunk when it's a week before your trash gets picked up and you don't have an open air truck bed to throw it in to take it anywhere and now it's pouring rain? Ha ha welcome to our circus.
Hard to dig a hole if it's raining much. Do you have straw? If so, we've had neighbors bury them under a straw pile and they said it covered the odor and sped up decomposition. I don't know how much they used, though.
Rain is the best time to dig a hole (atleast here in clay country - can't dig any other time).

There are a couple of states in the middle of the country where I've driven by roadkill deer that just get covered up in mulch, and compost in place. I don't see why you couldn't do that (I think pine mulch would be less airy, and work better with covering a skunk than straw, but can't say for sure)
I'll keep the straw idea logged away for the next one. I'm totally willing to try it. Interested to see if it does cover the smell. This one got a box strapped to the car and a road trip. Glad we got it before it got in the co-op. Thank goodness the dogs warned us. This morning two of the neighbors asked if we "got it". They heard the dogs and the shot and figured we were after a predator of some sort. Lucky for us we have good neighbors.

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